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Take the worry out of your travel. Wondering what immunizations you need for Thailand? Or wondering if you need yellow fever vaccine for your trip to Brazil? We will work with you to provide you with needed counselling, vaccination or travel medication.


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At Shas Pharmacy Travel Clinic we will provide you with the most up to date travel health information.


With access to medical sources like the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) , World Health Organization (WHO), Public Health Agency of Canada, International Society of Travel Medicine as well as world health surveillance sources who constantly monitor outbreaks and other health hazards, we are able to provide you with current guidelines for travellers.

Our services include:
•    Customized destination specific travel health consultations
•    Travel safety and security Tips
•    Discuss precautionary measures for dietary and recreational activities
•    Prescribe and administer necessary immunizations and medications
•    Food , water and environmental precautions
•    High altitude travel precautions
•    Diving precautions
•    Email assistance during travel
•    Specific consultations for pregnant travellers, Diabetic travellers, travellers traveling with oxygen


Because some immunizations take time to be fully effective, we encourage travelers  to book their appointment with us 6-8 weeks before departure and send us their itineraries as well. If circumstances do not permit this, we will work with you to provide the best medical care possible under the circumstances.

Our travel clinic works to recommend suitable vaccines for your trip depending on your travel plans, destination and current health condition. We provide current guidelines  for travellers obtained from many respected medical sources like World Health Organization, Public Health Agency of Canada, Centres for Disease Control and International Society of Travel Medicine.

All consultations are done by Pharmacist on staff specializing in travel health.  Our team continually seek more education and attend travel medicine conferences allowing them to deliver pre-travel advice with the most current and up to date knowledge.

We administer vaccines against diseases such as hepatitis A and B, typhoid fever, and meningitis, and also prescribe medications to treat traveller's diarrhea or prevent malaria or acute mountain sickness (or “altitude sickness”).
Prescribing authority is granted under a Medical Directive for travel medicines and vaccines. We are also a designated Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre by Public Health Agency of Canada.

Our pharmacy will work together with you to ensure that you and your family will have an enjoyable, safe and memorable trip.


Travel medicine consultations are not covered by private insurance or provincial plans.

The consultation fee is $50.00 per person with discounts for attending families/groups.

Booster or Vaccination fee is $10 per vaccine.

Yellow Fever administration/documentation carries an additional cost of $25.00.

Please note that cost of vaccines and medications are extra.

Useful links for you:

Centres for Disease Control


Health Canada.


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